Tips to Hang on Dissertation

Writing dissertation can be tedious task as student invest years of research and come up with significant findings to solve a problem or invention of new product. You might be searching for ideas that can motivate you to keep working on dissertation or might be full of negative emotions and indecisiveness whether to continue or not. In response of that, you get lecture of motivation and inspiration that never actually work in reality. Let’s dig out new, useful and implementable ideas to continue with dissertation.

Set deadlines of project

Some people can miraculously perform really well when they are under pressure while some people panic and leave the work. Determine which type of person you are and set your deadlines accordingly. Setting deadlines will motivate you to stay on track and complete on daily basis.

Have flexibility in your schedule

You don’t need to be strict yourself. Working on dissertation is itself a daunting task but enforcing yourself in difficult situation is not a good thing rather it is a mental torture. Be flexible in achieving your goals. If you somehow not be able to complete your daily task then try to shift on another day.

Constantly ask for guidance

Seeking help from your seniors would be great as they can pinpoint mistakes and suggest you some tips to keep on track. Communicating with others to glance your initial can be good and saves to start from scratch.

Nurture your ideas and believe in yourself

Don’t blindly follow other people’s feedback. Every person has their own experience with different aspect of knowledge. You choose believe in your ideas and don’t let criticism to disprove your hypothesis.

Find out expectation of the committee from you

Take out time to read dissertation of former students and discuss with them what they usually expect from the students? How they want to structure dissertation? And what type of arguments I should be ready for? It will help you to bond with people and deliver your best before the committee.

Better to take break

Working continuously is not a good way to achieve your goals. You need to have patience and show consistency on daily basis. Taking break of one or two hour would leave healthful impact on the body and keep your mind fresher.

Get back to your normal routine instantly

Whenever you take break, don’t forget to resume your normal routine. Taking offs for job interviews and conferences is good but try to get back to writing. Maintain a balance between academic and normal life so that you don’t end up like guys with excuses.

Learn to say “NO” to distractions

Sometimes it is impossible to say no to your colleagues and friends whenever you are working on dissertation. They might not realize how difficult this task is and need full concentration and focus to finish it. Try to avoid such distractions and politely refuse invitation to speed up the process of writing.

Divide your writing task to ease up little

When it comes to writing dissertation, it drains lot of energy and patience. Try to make small sections of dissertation and work on each day one by one. This will make you less lazy and time.

Celebrate small accomplishments

On a long journey of research and working on dissertation, you many feel depressed and forgot what it feels like to have achievements in life. Be genuinely happy when you complete small milestones of your research even it means a small experiment or analysis that is easy to do.